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Polly is an all-weather outdoor speaker, with 240o or 360o dispersion, featuring a 10” buried subwoofer with integrated 12V LED dimmable light.

It is constructed in aluminum and uses only stainless steel screws becoming the ideal solution for areas with extreme climate.

Polly + selo.jpg

The Polly Spot is an all-weather satellite type speaker, which can be installed on the ground using a stake (sold separately).

The Polly Subwoofer is the ideal partner for any outdoor area that needs heavy bass.

The Polly Tank Sub is poised to be a disruptive force redefining the outdoor audio experience. The Tank uses a European 18” Driver, and it will assume the position of the most powerful outdoor subwoofer for the residential market, with, 1200W.

The design includes a natural stone over the piece that makes the subwoofer to be integrated into the outdoor project.In addition, 5 different woven cord covers can be used as a luxurious accessory, adding sophistication to any backyard.

Polly Tank Sub 4.jpg


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