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Based on the Outline Series, but focused on solutions where design is not the first requirement, it uses the array concept, to provide impressive sound dispersion for big areas, indoor or outdoor.  Available with 2, 3, 4, or 12 drives.

Designed Bookshelf - Designed Central - Designed Subwoofer 10_.jpg


Combines power, clarity, and control with reference quality with a design that allows each speaker to be customized when it needs to be apparent, installed in-ceiling, on or in-wall, with a simple, low-cost design when they can be installed in hidden theater, being invisible, standing out only for the sound quality.

NoFrame Speaker - MG-NFS - BLKE-BAL(1).jpg


Has more than audio attributes, it literally lights up. Its name comes from the possibility of adding dimmable light into its round shape, turning the speaker into a sconce if installed on the wall or a light fixture if installation is the on ceiling.

MG-SFST-8-WHT - 3.jpg


The Outline Series offers a wide range of configurations to fit any type of project. Available with 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 drivers, it is a versatile solution to be used from the home cinema, in distributed audio, or outdoors.



Magna’s natural stone products are part of the Rock Series. Produced with the finest Brazilian, Italian, and Spanish stones, the products can be compared to fine art. There are three types of rocks, Marble, Granite, and Quartzite, with a wide range of finishes and styles, including a semi-transparent onyx crystal that can be lighted.

Magnarray 12D


Is the only speaker series in the world that offers 24 different finishing combinations as standard, besides being the only one in its price range that allows 100% customization directly from the factory.

CINEMATIC-1 - Tratada.jpg


Clean and perfect design specially made for environments that use no-frame lighting fixtures that have exactly the same finish as the speaker enclosures, the models have smaller sizes, which are compatible to most of the downlights.



Finishes are handmade by artisans. Is the perfect match with the best audio technology.

Outline LR 5 - sem logo.jpg


A mini bookshelf like no other. Clear mids and highs makes it one of most enjoyable mini loudspeaker in the market.

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