The outdoor environment is the most challenging for a speaker. First, because sun, excessive heat, rain, snow, and sea air punish products too harshly, causing technology parts such as speakers and connectors or the cabinet to spoil much faster than indoors.


And that's why Magna decided to build all its outdoor series using aluminum as the main component.


Aluminum, when properly treated and tight painted, does not corrode. There are painting processes that can make the cabinets last up to 25 years and the only care is not to let too much dirt accumulate over time, simply wipe with a damp cloth with water or use neutral detergent in case of a long time without cleaning.

Speakers with plastic finish have much lower durability and the vast majority of products on the market discolor in the first 2 or 3 years of outdoor exposition making speakers look like low quality and old although the product might be working well. 

The loudspeakers used in the products are suitable for outdoor use, and Polly tower loudspeakers are marine-grade with anti-salt spray treatment, ideal for installation on the coast or in very humid areas.

Magna's outdoor products are truly designed to be installed in the most critical environments, with great quality and durability.