Aura Series

Design has always been one of the main concerns for us at Magna and that's how we created Aura, a series of speakers that lighting can be integrated, turning it in a lighting sconce and complementing the decor of any environment.

Aura is an all purpose speaker and it can be installed both indoors and outdoors or even in saunas.

The Aura Series has two finishing patterns, electro-static painting, available in white or black, and brushed finish, which can be black or in natural aluminum. It is also possible to customize Aura through its finishing grills, using fabrics, which can be used indoors or with aluminum grills, which are suitable for any type of installation.

With a cabinet 100% built in aluminum and stainless steel screw, the box has a durability unmatched by other products for outdoor use. In Brushed finishes, the painting process can last up to twenty-five years in the external area or fifteen years in coastal regions.

The Aura Series also has versatility in its installation, which can be used both as on wall, becoming a sconce when it has integrated light and on the ceiling, where it takes on the function of a ceiling light.

Also available in the subwoofer version, the Aura Series is a complete sound system for all environments, with Magna quality.

Aura Series, design it your way.