Polly Subwoofer

Based on Polly's structure and style, the series release its first derivative - the Polly Subwoofer.

The Polly Subwoofer is the ideal partner for any outdoor area that needs heavy bass. It can complement the bass for any regular speaker, no matter the installed area is small or large. It demands a dedicated amplifier, which makes it easy to control volume to suit all types of audio and volumes.

It is recommended to use an amplifier with power from 150W to 350W at 4Ohms and its rated power is 200W.


With high quality aluminum construction, it also uses stainless steel screw to prevent any kind of corrosion.


The painting of the internal structure is electrostatic, as well as the cabinet, available in colors: corten steel, brown, white and black.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.