Polly Spot

The Polly Spot concept came up with Magna's idea of ​​innovating in the scenario of speakers for gardens and outdoor areas. Once again, Magna elected aluminum for its project. In addition, all the boxes on the market are very similar, there is no way to know who the manufacturer is. Design is in our DNA and once again we are not satisfied with the ordinary.

The Polly Spot is an all weather satellite type speaker, which can be installed on the ground using a stake (sold separately). In addition to the option of installation in the garden, Polly Spot is the only speaker in it's category that can be installed on rigid surfaces without any type of accessory.


The cabinet is made of 100% aluminum and the screws are made of stainless steel. The drivers are produced in Europe and are made of a technical paper compound, which can be used outdoors. This series goes through the toughest quality tests, including those of salt fog, which simulates the salt air from costal areas. Such characteristics guarantee the quality and durability in places of extremely adverse climatic conditions.

Polly Spot White

One of its main characteristics is its dispersion. It is the only speaker in its category with a 120º dispersion allowing a much better coverage of the external area and it is one of the smallest outdoor speaker in the market.

Its reduced size allows it to go unnoticed in the middle of the vegetation. Spot is also available in three color options, white, black and corten steel finish, perfectly composing any environment.


Polly Spot was designed to always be used with a subwoofer because, due to its small size, it does not reproduce the lower frequency, the bass. Magna offers 3 subwoofers options for the outdoor area, the Sub Polly, the Rock Sub and the Sub Aura or can be purchased through the OutSpace Systems Kits, which already come with subwoofer plus 4 or 8 Sport Satalites.

The Polly Spot has 3" speakers with 40W of power - the power is measured according to the European standard of the Audio Engineering Society, where the speaker must support the declared power for 2 interrupted hours.


Whoever hears a Polly Spot does not believe that it has only 40W because the box has a very good efficiency, and a pair, depending on where it is installed, covers an areas of ​​up to 80m²


Available in colors, always in matte style: White, Black and Corten

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.