P10 and P20

Cinematic by Magna P10 and P20 speakers are sealed bookshelfs, inspired by the Designed series, focused in hidden cinema rooms. They can be installed on spikes or panel brackets, both on the wall and on the ceiling. With similar characteristics to the already recognized bookshelfs of the brand, it maintains the same sound signature, but with a dynamic aimed at dedicated cinema rooms.

Both models have the same power, 125W at 8Ohms, 6” polypropylene woofers and 25mm silk tweeter, the same used in Designed by Magna
The P20 is the ideal speaker to be used when there is space, as it is 200mm deep, generating serious sound accuracy with an attack not found in this price range.

As a standard, the finish is synthetic leather, black or white, in front of the speaker and painting on the sides and bottom, but natural leather, the same available in the Designed by Magna series can be requested as customization.

For installations with depth limitation, the P10 is ideal, as it is only half depth of the P20, 100mm, as well as a lower weight, which makes it ideal for standard walls or wood panels, (bracket accessory sold separately). As it has a smaller cabinet, the P10 does not achieve the same deep bass as the P20, but maintains the same sound signature, making it ideal for Atmos or Surround channels.