The Designed by Magna series debuted with a bookshelf that broke standards.

Considered by all the dealers who have tested as the best speaker ever produced in the country, Designed adds a design never thought of, not only in Brazil, but in the world.


Recently it was added a center channel and

a subwoofer allowing the series to be installed also in multi-channel home theater systems.

Designed by Magna is the only speaker series in the world that offers 38 different finishing combinations as standard,

besides being the only one it its price range that allows 100% customization directly from factory.

The finish of each speaker is split between the front panel and cabinet. The front panel allows painting in an Italian matte gloss (black or white) or natural wood (light or dark). The cabinet allows the same natural wood finishes or six natural leathers options plus two synthetic.


Sirio Flux Modern pedestals were designed by Studio Brera's Italian designer Giorgio Rubega, who sought to use environmentally friendly, reusable materials in a unique design, while observing all the technical features needed for a pedestal to mechanically decouple the floor box.


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