S12 Subwoofer

High-speed car chases and spectacular explosions will never sound as realistic as in the Cinematic S12.

Manufactured with special features such as small depth (25cm) and passive construction, it allows installation in niches without the need for ventilation area for heat dissipation.

The Magna MiniBlock 200D amplifier is the perfect pair for the S12 in its 4Ohms version and, for smaller rooms, two S12 of 8Ohms can be connected in parallel in a single MiniBlock.

In both versions, the S12 has 200W of power and can reproduce subsonic frequencies, so for those passionate about vibrations, the recommendation is to install it behind the sofa. The finish follows the standard of the Cinematic line, with white or black synthetic leather and can be customized with the natural leathers of the Cinematic Series.