Cinematic By Magna

The concept of Cinema is totally related to the experience, a set of sensations, transmitted through audio and video, which transport you inside the screen. Cinematic by Magna was created for this purpose, to provide a unique cinema experience within your own home.

From precision to transparent sound, from details to dynamics, Cinematic by Magna brings movies to life.

Cinematic by Magna combines power, clarity and control with reference quality with a design that allows each speaker to be customized when it need to be apparent, installed in-ceiling or in-wall, or with a simple, low-cost design when they can be installed in hidden theater, being invisible, standing out only for the sound quality.

Cinematic By Magna aims to fill your entire home theater with impeccable sound quality. Available in two size options, the P10 and the P20, the product line also has a 12" subwoofer, the S12. The entire S12 subwoofer cabinet is finished in synthetic leather, which can be black or white, and speakers, which in general are always installed hidden or in-ceiling/in-wall, the standard is synthetic leather on the front. All products can be customized with natural leather, the same ones from Designed by Magna as well as can be customized with special leathers provided by the customer as in the photo model installed in the ceiling of the showroom of our Brazilian distributor, an Italian leather to match the color of the texture.

With Cinematic by Magna you will be experiencing everything from extremely realistic explosions to real three-dimensional sensations as in films like Matrix.

Schedule your demo at a reseller and be delighted.