Sound is always welcome in any environment, however, it does not always adapt the aesthetics of a speaker to the decorated environment. But what if the speaker doesn't look like a speaker and integrates into the environment like a design lamp? This is Aura Series.

Aura 3 is a speaker that, despite its small size, has very high quality sound and excellent sound dispersion.

It is also a series of all purpose speakers, that can be installed both outdoors and indoors as well as in saunas, whether dry or wet.

Another unique feature of the Aura Series is its wide variety of finishes and colors, there are up to 24 designs, 4 cabinet finishing colors, 4 fabric grill options and 2 aluminum grills, ideal for installation in humidity or outdoor areas.


Built 100% in aluminum, the Aura finishes are available in white or black paint or in a brushed version in black or natural aluminum and all the grills can be customized regardless of the color of the cabinet.



The Aura Series uses LED extruded in silicone, IP67, which can be used outdoors and is available in color temperature 2700K and can be dimmable (accessory upon request).

In addition to the various series options, the Aura Series can be customized with special colors to integrate with any project. It is also possible to change the color temperature to 3000K, 4000K or even request RGB.


Aura Series, design it your way.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.