A subwoofer like no other, is how we have to start any text on Sub Aura.



With an innovative format and finish, on the wall or on ceiling installation, and with the possibility of both outdoor and indoor use, with or without integrated lighting, the Aura Subwoofer does not go unnoticed, but few will say that it is a subwoofer.

The Sub Aura uses an 8" driver reaching 200W of power. It is discreetly designed for such strength - it has 38cm in diameter and only 13.6cm deep.

The 2700K LED lighting IP67, allows the subwoofer that normally is disliked by architects and decorators to take a leading role in any environment.

In addition, its versatility for wall and ceiling installation allows installations never imagined for a subwoofer

In all, there are 24 finishing possibilities, 4 of which are cabinet colors, 4 fabric screen options and 2 in black and white aluminum, ideal for installation in outdoor or damp areas.

Constructed 100% in aluminum, the Sub Aura finishes are available in white or black paint or in a brushed version in black or natural aluminum, and the screen can be customized regardless of the cabinet color.

In addition to the various line options, the Aura Series can be customized with special colors to integrate with any project. It is also possible to change the color temperature to 3000K, 4000K or even request RGB.

Aura Series, design it your way.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.